August 4, 2021

Creamy Nut Butter Fruit Dip

Last week I shared a dip flavored with nostalgia, my Avocado Cool Ranch. Well this week, I’m coming at you with another dip inspired by a bit of Millennial throw-back nostalgia: Creamy Nut Butter Fruit Dip.

Did anyone else’s mom (or aunt, or neighbor, or YOU?!) host in-home kitchenware parties in the 1990s/early 2000s? Mine did! A certain chilled serving bowl came with a recipe for a peanut butter and whipped topping fruit dip, and I think that’s where my love for apples dipped in peanut butter started. Apples dipped in a store-bought caramel sauce was super hot in the 1990s, but I had a terrible experience that was probably food poisoning, and I pretty much have avoided caramel apples since. But apples and peanut butter? All day, every day, please!

I’ve long since lost the original recipe card, but I throw this dip together at least a couple times every summer, and this is the version I have settled on. A little sweet, a little tangy, and a little nutty, this dip makes a refreshing appetizer for summer parties, weekend brunches, or just a go-to snack in the fridge! This dip can be made with coconut yogurt and coconut frozen whipped topping for a dairy-free, vegan version. Or it can be full dairy with Greek yogurt and whipped cream, or something in between! (In fact, the dip pictured here was made with Greek yogurt and coconut whipped topping.) Sometimes, I even make my own small, individual portion of this dip by stirring peanut butter and cinnamon in a yogurt cup for a snack. One final note - try this dip with other nut butters! If you don’t eat peanut butter, try almond butter, cashew butter, or sunflower butter instead.

Ingredients assembled for fruit dip
Assemble your ingredients - just 5!

Fruit dip ingredients mixed up in a frozen whipped topping container
Stir together nut butter, yogurt, cinnamon and vanilla until well combined, then gently fold in whipped topping. (And if you're like me and don't want extra dishes, make this dip with the last of your frozen whipped topping, right in the container!)

Creamy Nut Butter Fruit Dip served on a large white platter surrounded by fresh fruit for dipping
Served dip, chilled, with assorted fresh fruit for dipping!

A hand holding an apple slice, dipping it into the fruit dip
It's hard to stay out of this creamy, fluffy fruit dip!

Original publication date: June 17, 2021

Creamy Nut Butter Fruit Dip

A little sweet, a little tangy, and a little nutty, this dip makes a refreshing appetizer for summer parties, weekend brunches, or just a go-to snack in the fridge!


Kira Freed - The Joyful Plateful











1/4 cup nut butter of choice - chunky peanut butter is my favorite

3/4 cup plain, unsweetened yogurt - Greek or non-dairy

1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon

1/2 tsp. vanilla extract

1/3 cup frozen whipped topping, thawed

Assorted prepared fruit, such as apple slices, strawberries, grapes, etc., for serving


  1. In a medium bowl, combine nut butter, yogurt, cinnamon, and vanilla extract. Stir together until well combined.
  2. Gently fold in the whipped topping until combined with the yogurt mixture, being careful to keep the mixture light and fluffy.
  3. Transfer fruit dip into a serving bowl, and serve with assorted fresh fruit for dipping. Refrigerate any leftover dip in an airtight container.
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